Sunday, 7 August 2011

Things I learn from reading the newspapers (on line.)

I've just read that Motown’s Mary Wells is getting the “Unsung” TV show treatment that Florence Ballard received a couple of years ago. Mary deserves that recognition. I was honored to be a part of the excellent show “Unsung” presented on Florence. Flo was a gem and the show’s producer, Nancy Oey, really did a wonderful job of capturing her unique spirit.

Alas, fans of Mary won’t find any of my behind-the-scenes stories on Mary’s “Unsung” episode on US TV next week. However, I do have a really fabulous anecdote about Mary in my book that you’ve never heard before, along with my rare original press releases and a great news article about her that hasn’t been seen since 1964.

I have also been following the renewed series of news stories indicating that Berry Gordy’s long-rumored Motown musical may soon be debuting on Broadway. I hope Berry doesn’t sign off on a script until he has a chance to read Hype & Soul.

Why? Because there are so many stories of our very early days at Motown that Berry has probably forgotten over the years. My goal is to bring a big smile to his face and more than just a few laughs as he once again remembers so many things from our fantastic shared past.

I also can’t wait to see the response of Mrs. Esther Edwards when she once again sees all these great artifacts from Motown’s history that are in my book. Putting Hype & Soul together with the incredibly talented art and graphic designer Joe Boy, has often been like unearthing an archaeological treasure trove of Motown history.

Louvain Demps of the Andantes, whom I’ve had the pleasure of knowing from almost Day One at Motown in 1959, also reminded me about Janie Bradford’s upcoming “Heroes and Legends” award show.

I can’t wait for Janie and Brenda Holloway and so many of this year’s other honorees to read and see these fantastic old photos, press releases and news stories once again.

In fact, I can hardly wait for all the worldwide fans of Motown and Northern Soul to see this book.

We’re still three weeks away from the publication date, but the wait will be worthwhile. My sincerest thanks to the many of you who have already ordered your pre-publication copies at

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